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27 Mar 2019




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Size: 23 GB

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Platform: Windows (All Versions)

Review by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 28 Nov 2012

By default, Amolto Call Recorder automatically launches when your Windows OS boots up and automatically starts recording when you commence a Skype conversation. When you’re done talking, it saves the conversation as a high quality audio file that you can play in an external player or with the built-in player.

To get started with Amolto Call Recorder, you will have to download an archive, extract and run the executable inside, then follow a few simple steps presented to you by a setup wizard. The application works with 32 as well as 64-bit editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. After installing Amolto Call Recorder, when you run Skype, you will be presented with an “AmoltoRecorder.exe wants to use Skype” prompt; you must hit the “Allow access” button.

It will take but a second to get accustomed to the Amolto Call Recorder interface. To start the recording process, just hit the Start recording button from the left hand side. To pause or stop the recording, press the Pause and Stop recording buttons. To access the options menu, hit Options and to view all the recordings, hit the Recording History button. It’s an incredibly straightforward and user friendly interface, one that will not pose a problem to anyone, not even to a complete novice.

Hit the Start recording button and Amolto Call Recorder will start recording whatever is coming out of your speakers. If you’re listening to an online radio station with Winamp, for example, the application will record the song that you’re hearing on the speakers.
Start a conversation with a Skype friend and Amolto Call Recorder will automatically start recording it. When you end the conversation, the application will stop and save the recording as a high quality audio file. In the Recording History pane you can view all your recordings, play them with the built-in player, or play them with an external player.

You do not have to part with your money to enjoy the functionality Amolto Call Recorder has to offer. The application is free.

This free tool is ideally suited for anyone who wants an efficient means of keeping track of his Skype conversations.


Amolto Call Recorder works with 32 as well as 64-bit editions of Windows. It can record whatever is coming out of the speakers; automatically starts recording when you start a Skype conversation. Play recordings with the built-in player. Amolto Call Recorder is free.


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Amolto Call Recorder


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